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How does it work ?   What happens if a complaint is made ?
You provide us with the details of your deal and we will put it together. We will set it up on a page for you to view and let us know if you wish to make any changes.   If a complaint is made, it will be looked into and investigated, if we believe the complaint is justified, we will refund the complainant and shut the deal down, and your account closed.
Tipping Point:   How are we paid ?
This is the point at which the deal is tipped. You can decide what the tipping point is, a lot of our partners decide not to have a tipping point, and therefore tend to have a lot more sales.   Payment will be made to your paypal account.
You can add your paypal account details in your admin panel in your partner account. We may well add the facility to pay into bank accounts in the future.
Confirmation:   When are we paid ?
You just confirm to us you are happy with the layout, the contact details ie. telephone and e-mail contact details, and the fine print. Then Just sign off the deal in your account. We will then book it onto our system ready to go.   Payments are made in two instalments, the first will be 75% of the total 1 month after the deal has finished, and the remaining 25% 1 month later, our commission and any refunds will be deducted from the total amount.
What are the costs ?   How will i know how my deal is doing ?
There is no initial cost for the setting up of the deal, If the deal doesn't reach the maximum number required, you will still have benefited from the free advertising. We take a commission percentage on the successful deals, this is to cover the paypal charges and our admin costs. Contact us HERE for commission rates.   You will be able to login to your partner admin panel and see how many deals have been sold and also be able to download all the sales information complete with voucher codes.
The Fine Print:   Booking clients in
You decide the fine print and any limitations of the deal.
We do also have the site universal fine print.
  Your clients will contact you using the telephone number, or e-mail address that you have provided to book thier appointment with you.
What happens if a client wants a refund ?   Expired vouchers
If a client asks for a refund within 60 days, then they will be refunded, after that time it will be up to the partner to decide on the refund.   If clients contact you after the voucher has expired, then it is up to you to decide if you still wish to honour the voucher.